Candace Coker
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a healing blend of alternative folk originals, with a jazz and neo-soul twist


Candace Coker is a Trinidad-born singer/songwriter who brings an evocative blend of poetry, spirituality and musicality to the world of alternative-folk. Her sound carries with it a jazzy softness and a neo-soul grit, which she attributes to her love for the 1940s, as well as her Afro-Caribbean roots. 

Discovering her talent at the young age of 10, Coker began songwriting as a purely therapeutic exercise, crafting melancholy folk melodies that created space and stillness for her anxious mind to rest. However, her move to Vancouver in 2013 marked a thematic and stylistic shift in her music, as she gained a new excitement for life and beauty, and as she wrestled through her own curiosities about love, faith and what it means to be Afro-Caribbean within a North American context. 

Today, her music is a call to celebrate diversity, to heal, to expose emotion at its root, to revel in beauty and to be courageous in the face of love’s wild adventure. Coker’s first release in 2015 (produced by G2G Records), ‘Everlasting Love’, hit number 1 on the Trinidadian iTunes top 100 chart. She self-released an acoustic album called 'Wild' to Noisetrade in 2017 and has most recently released yet another single called 'Compass' on August 10th.



                    You will not lose yourself to the adventure.

                    Trust the hand guiding you.

                    Trust the feet carrying you.

                    Much love,


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